Interested In Working With 

Or Becoming A Writing Fellow?

For Faculty Interested in Embedding a Fellow in Your Class: Working with a Writing Fellow is unique opportunity to embrace the writing process in the course work you assign.  In many cases, working together with the Coordinator of the Writing Fellows Program and a fellow, instructors reshape their assignments to foreground or install drafting and revising, even if the course is not thought of as a “writing course.”

For Students Interested in Becoming a Writing Fellow:  Working as a Writing Fellow can open up new worlds to students at UNE.  Tutoring students and collaborating with an instructor is a chance to develop real leadership skills that are likely to pay dividends in future academic and professional pursuits.

Interested?  Please reach out to me for more information.  I’d love to talk about how the Writing Fellows Program at UNE can help support student writing.

Jesse Miller| Visiting Assistant Lecturer, Department of English| Writing Fellows Coordinator|